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Headers help!!

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slamdeo   +1y
WIll these fit my 2.6 ?? (4ZE1) Says they are for a 2.2 jackaroo/rodeo but are they the same head shape? Thanx guys. Have been trying to get a hold of some within my budget for a while to go along with a re-profiled cam.
slamdeo   +1y
IM thinking they Got it wrong and its for a 2.3. The question is will 2.3petrol extractors fit my 2.6petrol engine?? Eg the same head. Come on guys someone must know!!!!
gldsuzi   +1y
We have talked back and forth on here a little bit and it was fine, but its like your speaking a different language right now. Haha, It seems to me like yor asking about "emmisions" components as we know them in the states. They are the parts that deal with unburnt fuel and recycleing some exhaust stuff like that?? I personally dont know, but maybe this will help clairafy for some people that do know the answer. Good luck man.
slamdeo   +1y
Sorry forgot you guys dont speak new zealand english .
Was wondering if the headers/extracors/exhaust manifold (What do you call them?) on all the isuzu engine variants are interchangeable physically. As i found a cheap set for my 2.6 but they were listed as being for a 2.3, Was just wondering if i should buy them or not.
But it turns out the seller listed them incorectly and they are for a diesel engine.

That being said it would still be interesting to know.

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