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88longbox   +1y
i have just recieved a 350 chevy with a 350 trans. i have a 88 long box picup that i am wanting to put it into. i am wondering if anyone has done this swap or if anyone has any information on doing this swap into this generation isuzu picup
89zues   +1y
im new to this site but ive seen this done a couple times with three differnt engines. the first was a 4.3vortec it pretty much dropped in perfect, then ive seen a ford 302 sb wich is easier because of the front mount distribitor the 350 is my fave still because i grew uo around comaros when i was lil butif u ggo with this the first issue is the firewall. u will have to mesure a couple of time and cut it to clear the distribitor. call ur local performance shop to price the motor mounts,the ones i priced for mine were about 79 dollars. u have to get an electric fan for clearance issues in the front then u have to modify the core support for the radiator. thats the basic tech i no its easy but time consuming hope this helps. ill keep u posted when i get some more info.
rxzilla   +1y
I too am looking to swap to a V8. Look like a 5.0 Ford 302 is what I am going with. I will post pics as they become avali.
89zues   +1y
was wondering how much hp u was aiming for. And how u going to get around the rearend problems with that much torque
rxzilla   +1y
I did find this. Hope it helps out with the build. Seems to look good.

At my father-in-law's request I am going to replace the rear end to a ford 9" rear end.
89zues   +1y
that things going to really scoot
88longbox   +1y
still rebuilding the motor. with the parts i have i am guessing about 350 hp.

RXZILLA quick question for you what all are you going to have to do to get the ford 9" to fit the suspension?
isuzueh   +1y
sweet man 350 ftw
88longbox   +1y
just ordered parts for the motor. does anyone know anything about cut cutting off the front frame and replacing it with the s-10 same.
89isuzudragtruck   +1y
here are some pics of my 383 stroker v8 swap...It's a long road and a long way to go before I hit the track...Hope your up for it...