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Engine \  Alternator upgrade for a 2.3L???

Alternator upgrade for a 2.3L???

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2sickedzu   +1y
I have a 93 isuzu pup, bagged and bodied. After the body drop I took the engine driven fan off an changed over to a electric fan. After the change my Alternator hasnt been able to keep up with my fan and air pumps. The battery keeps dying and wont push the pumps. Not sure what the fan is pulling in amps, but I know the pumps pull about 39 amps. I know the stock alt only puts out about 50 amps. SO what is a easy and good upgrade? would like at least 100 amps or better... thanks!

check it out at
2sickedzu   +1y
nobody has dealt with this???????????????
/// xception   +1y
you might be able to get your alternator rebuild and have the amps pushed up....just an idea.
sicpupidaho   +1y
I have never had a problem with mine and i have a electric fan and two batteries. on my old isuzu i had a big stereo and never changed my alternator.
92zuzuman   +1y
Get a high amp alternator and fab your own bracket? Btw ive seen your zu on cardomain before its sick welcome to the site.
2sickedzu   +1y

looks like thats whats gonna have to happen, and thanks for the compliment!
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