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engine trouble..again

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93zuzu89   +1y
i've recently been having a problem with my truck getting enough fuel to the carb. at first i was thinkin maybe i had a bad carb, and plus i seen a weber one on ebay for cheaper than i could get a stock replacement so i opted to buy it. i had a guy that my dad knows put it on and then it wouldn't crank because fuel wasnt getting to the new carb. so the guy went out and bought an electrical fuel pump (and carbed isuzus have mech. fuel pumps). funny thing is when he rigged up the electrical one, all he did was route it to the old mech. pump and it ran great for 100 miles or so then it started to really get bad, where no gas was getting to the carb again. for one thing i've never heard of running two fuel pumps on anything. i guess what i was wondering was if anyone thinks the old pump may be bad? and if so could i just run the fuel line from the elec. pump to the carb?

isuzueh   +1y
hey man just throwing this out there possibly could you have alot of crap in the bottom of your gas tank and when you let it run to empty your sucking it all up
93zuzu89   +1y
true man. but i mean, has anyone heard of running two fuel pumps? i haven't heard of doing that and i think the guy jus did it to get it done quick.

also, when you convert to a weber carb, what do you do with the stock electrical carb connections?
lowzone1   +1y

leave it just need to hook up 12 volts to the choke thats powered by the ignition....otherwise the choke would just be on all the time....poor cold starts,dead battery and burned up choke due time.....ignition switched 12v to choke.....thats it...oh and pull the CEL bulb...cause thats going to glow immediately
technically the ECM could be removed too
93zuzu89   +1y
ok i believe i have it wired up finally. i've taken it to a couple of places and its finally running good. the thing is, i have poor cold starts. it almost stalls every time i first crank the truck up. other than that, once its cranked it'll run great.

also, i was driving the other day and it didn't get fuel to the engine and cut off on me like before but hasn't done it since then, kinda scared me cuz i just spent $300 to get that fixed and it seemed like it was doing it again. idk, thought i'd throw that in there too. thanks guys.
low1994   +1y
the wonders of the carb'd pup....i feel the pain man...haha my 94' is carb'd have had many of the identical problems.
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