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pacesetter header

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gldsuzi   +1y
Anybody have a pacesetter header on thier 2.3? does it hang down really low or anything, is it above the crossmember that passes under the oil pan? Possibly some pics. Any help is greatly appreciated.
low93zuzu   +1y
i have a calmini header and it is ok. i put a differant end on it in stead of the header collector they give you.i used a ball/socket type,like a stock type connection. if you have a problem with the header hanging to low you can give me a shout and i can mod the end like i did mine,since your no to far from me.
gldsuzi   +1y
Thanks for the info man. I'm wondering why you changed over to the stock style end,and what kind of problems you had.
89zues   +1y
does the pacesetter 4 the amigo 2.3 work on the pickup. far as i no there the same engine from 89-94. then the second question is does it hang below the framerials. dont realy want to waste the money just to drag it off. any help on this would be great
tycox   +1y
the pacesetter header does not hang to low. but you should probably cut the collector off and weld straight pipe on it. mine does fine just make sure you have the exhaust ran to tuck as close to the cab as possable.
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