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hypthetical questions.

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blackls1   +1y
If one was to get a hold of a 5.7l dohc or 4.8l dohc toyota V8 and wanted to put one in a isuzu pup or a 1st gen S10 or a hilux or a 4runner. What all would be needed from the donor Tundra?
Anyone have pics of info on the DOHC 5.7s? Iknow the aussie guys do lexus swaps into all diferent types of minis.
eatinpavement   +1y
im sure same as any other swap, engine harness and ecu. maybe some chassis and tranny mounts too might help with the install
nascarguy3   +1y
I would do the 5.7L swap. It would be an easier swap and done more times....
blackls1   +1y
The 5.7 is the toyota dohc 5.7 motor.
I have always wanted a dohc V8 in a mini and have slim options. I have wanted to put a northstar in my S10 for years but didn't have the money or the resources.

But the idea of the 5.7 dohc V8 in a minitruck is awesome.
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