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Engine \  92 pickup Fuel Injection Vaccum Lines

92 pickup Fuel Injection Vaccum Lines

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slamsuzu   +1y

I have a 2.6L 4cyl motor that is fuel injected. Can someone shoot me a picture of there motor showing me the routing of the vaccum lines.....I cannot remember where the all go.....basically looking for lines that come off of the carcoal canister and the gas tank purging device. I know I can probrobly get rid of them both, but before I start the motor, I would like to have everything hooked up.

Send pics to

Thanks guys

sicpupidaho   +1y
did you get what you needed? its in the chilton book or the other one cant remember the name i have both.
slamsuzu   +1y
no man I havent yet.....I have the haynes manual and it blows balls....

can you mail me your chilton manual, let me check it out and ill mail it back to you??? We cannot buy chilton manuals around here....I have no idea why.....

By the way, my steering column turned out badass...thanks for the pics.

Ill pay you for the postage......
sicpupidaho   +1y
I will go get you a new one for your self give me your address on the privite messages so you dont have to send it back. You are welcome for the steering help any time.
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