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mightymini   +1y
Would the engine wiring harness be the same for the 2.3 and the 2.6?
sicpupidaho   +1y
2.3 were carb motors till 95(its the only year in the states),2.6 motors where FI . i hope that helps
/// xception   +1y
So what Paul is saying is no. A fuel injected harness will be different then a carbed harness.
mightymini   +1y
well yea i know that, lol. The reason i'm asking is that i need a wiring harness and i've found one, but the guy says its a carbed 2.6. Thats why i was wondeirng if this wiring harnees would work.
sicpupidaho   +1y
I dont think they made a 2.6 carbed isuzu.
sicpupidaho   +1y
I checked today the never made a 2.6 carb for the states.I hope that helps.
dragdatzu   +1y
so this only mean 1 of 2 things its for a 2.3 or that the mort is fi lol
slamdeo   +1y
Most 2.6s are carbed over here. I want efi lol more hp!
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