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Isuzu Projects \  Juz A LIL DRAGGIN!!!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Juz A LIL DRAGGIN!!!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

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/// xception avatar
/// xception   +1y
Thats a sick truck dragging. I want to be cool like the owner.
speedylowz avatar
speedylowz   +1y
Youn can be kewl & come help me do the repairs!!!!! HA HA J/k

Don't ever try that at home........ that means U Ant. LOL!!
sicpupidaho avatar
sicpupidaho   +1y
Nice dragging now i know how you did all that damage!
slamsuzu avatar
slamsuzu   +1y
Killer dragging speedy........dont you love fixing skins.........
mightymini avatar
mightymini   +1y
wow dude im impressed
speedylowz avatar
speedylowz   +1y
Thankx for the replies. I think 2 skins is my limit slamsuzu!!!!! Gonna keep the next one for a long time....... Well that's the plan anyways!
/// xception avatar
/// xception   +1y
Speedy...just likes to keep changing his truck. Drag on Player!
speed171king avatar
speed171king   +1y
daummmm u really f'ed up that skin
low_pup avatar
low_pup   +1y
thats hott.
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