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my build.

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low1994   +1y
ok bear with me guys.. I know Ive asked plenty of questions and you guys have been all great and full of good info. so here's what ive gotten so far.
Not really "new" to the scene, but been working on my first build. 1994 Isuzu Pup. Standard Cab. 5 speed. Carb'd model. Picked it up for $1200.00 After Buying it I began to do small things with it. first came a set of 4" drop blocks in the rear and cranked the torsion bars down in the front to level it out and give it a decent drop. Sanded majority of it down and gave it a nice Sage Green primer job, and thats about where I left it and drove it for a while...until I was in and accident, because some asshole pulled an illegal U-turn in front of me, after getting it drivable soon after that, hit a deer (good ol' NY!!) so that was when i decided to just take it off the road and go all the way with it. Began to strip the whole truck down inside and out. Ordered the full Torsion Bar notch n bag bracket kit from SSD, along with Universal FBI 4-link, full new front end Radiator support, grill, chrome bumper, lower valance, head lights, turn signals, fenders, hood...2 viair 380 compressors, 1 5-gal tank, all 3/8" smc valves, along with 3/8" dot hard airline. and all the rest of the goodies...fittings, switch box, check valve, pressure switch blah blah blah. have the 2005-07 18" escalade wheels and 215/25/18" Toyo rubbers.Have full universal shaved door handle kit, tailgate is smoothed (handle relocated) and would like to mold up smooth roll pan..shave the tail lights and just run an 32" LED strip between the roll pan n tailgate. dont really have much more to say about it, but heres some pics of my progress. I am just really starting to get into the front suspension and prepping to weld up all my bag brackets. next will be drilling out all the spot welds and replacing my radiator support
low1994   +1y
instead of posting pics...heres a link to my flickr account check it out..and leave me some comments..advice or crit. I appreciate it.

freak5584   +1y
hell yeah man! lookin good. keep updating the pics as you go. is soon as i finish the hombre im proably gona build one myself
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