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hombre got paint

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freak5584   +1y
with alot of help from jeff and ryan i finally got some paint

freak5584   +1y
damn!!! 18 view and no comments. guess i picked the wrong color afterall
gldsuzi   +1y
well its kinda hard to tell what it really looks like, you need some bigger pics and some sunlight!! Hahahaha
baha   +1y
I've always loved that green but I love the flake! looks good man I hate primer

Are you going to keep those wheels? I think a set of billets would really set it off.
freak5584   +1y
yeah that day there was not much sun out. i will get some better ones at scrapin the coast.

nope i gona buy new wheels as soon as i get my interior did. the silver wheels were rockin with the primer but now i need some shine with the green.
eatinpavement   +1y
i like it
slamdeo   +1y
LOoks mean. What year is this? Doesnt look like any model isuzu we have here in new zealand
gldsuzi   +1y

in 1996 they started this model its bacicly an (isuzu) chevy s-10 there are alot of differences tho, the only things that are identacle are the chassis, the drive train, tail lights and interior
slamdeo   +1y
Yeah i was gonna say it looks like an s10 lol so you guys didnt get this model? 97 on, Its basically a facelift to the 'pup'
gldsuzi   +1y

nope, but I would love to have the front end and bed off of that thing they look so nice, it's pretty similar to the front end on the hombre in the pics above. Are they technically "Holden's" not isuzu's in that model ? or is that just in other places