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Isuzu Projects \  Isuzus at Blood Drag 2009!

Isuzus at Blood Drag 2009!

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baha   +1y
I kept my eyes out for members, Isuzu's are always hard to find at shows.

More pics at

2sickedzu avatar
2sickedzu   +1y
Thanks for posting pics of my zu. Im seeing more and more pics of it getting around. Its good to see people appreciate the work ive done to my truck, thanks!

baha avatar
baha   +1y
Nice Zu man I didnt know you were on here I would of given you a sticker
isuzueh avatar
isuzueh   +1y
dude man i love you isuzu the smoothies looks amazing on there
tycox avatar
tycox   +1y
mine was there it was outside. im from around that area.
blackls1 avatar
blackls1   +1y
Nice truck. The smoothies are awesome
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