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Isuzu Projects \  new guy here with pics of my crewcab

new guy here with pics of my crewcab

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lowzone1   +1y
long time project finally getting close to being on the road...mostly interior work to be done still, headliner and rear door panels need to be finished and covered. That hood, bumper and hood scoop are going onto my 94 pup im getting this weekend. im going with a stock hood and bumper when it goes in for paint. let me know what you think:

and pics of my old longbed:

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nuku   +1y
Nice dude, i like both. How did you get your hands on the 4 door?? Im from Aus and as far as i knew there wasnt any in the states!!
lowzone1   +1y
i built it. i used the floor and firewall from the original Isuzu Spacecab and grafted an Isuzu Rodeo (US Rodeo/UK Wizard/Estate) roof and B-pillar to the front windscreen pillars and floor. i then grafted a Pickup back wall and rockers, custom made new 16 gauge rockers in one piece to clean it up. the rear doors are abput 25% longer then the Aussies also. i used the front hinge points and front glass track from a US Rodeo and the rear track from a pickup door and door skin and overlapped them to make a rear door. i am in the process of building rear door panels which is being hard to accomplish then the door building itself. im good at somethings, like fabrication but suck at building and fiberglassing door panels. the frame is original to about 1/2 way under the cab. its then 2x4x.250" wall box tubing to join in the longbed rear frame. Im running a 96 Rodeo rear dana 44 axle for the wider track to offset for the "dually" look with amigo 1.4s grafted onto the bed sides. there are alot of little things im forgettting but thats the extent of the build up...the quick version. its been 5 or so years of nights and weekends building this. i have about 1400-1500 hours into her so far and about ready for paint. ive also built a house (second floor addition), 3 other trucks, started a family and started my own business in that time, so thats mosst of the hold up of finishing it. too many projects at once.
heres a link for some of the build up of the crewcab:

nuku   +1y
Dude that is a hell load of fab work, conrgats mate, you have been one busy fella!!
oldskewlkool   +1y
bad ass leme get that crew
isuzueh   +1y
wow man thats awesome
blackls1   +1y
Awesome. How did I miss this post. I came across pics of your crew on S10forum I think. I believe it was during the build process and I wasn't able to see it finished.

I still love the aussie/central,south american short chopped bed. But the long bed looks killer.

I read you have a place in NC also. What part? I from Smithfield NC in johnston county.
lowzone1   +1y

yup, s10forum...... that one guy has the crewcab longbed s10 in NJ. one day ill get my POS to a show hes at and shoot the shit. like his, i built my cab as well, no imported cab here. atleast the s10 you can buy a crewcab here.....
anyway, thanks. i have a place in Hickory, Catawba County about 50 miles NW of Charlotte. nice 1.7 acres with a 1500 sqft garage, outside city limits so very low taxes but have city sewer and water
im remodeling my house in NJ and going to sell it soon and move to NC. i pay a month in NJ what i pay a year in NC for property even though housing sales are in the dumper here, i can still get twice what i have into this and the NC house combined. cant wait to get out of NJ....nothing but corruption
93zuzu89   +1y
where did you get those taillights from? i like them.
/// xception   +1y
HOLY COW!!! Thats some amazing work to make the truck a 4 door version. My hat goes off to you.
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