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my luv

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farmer joe   +1y
well after 5 months of BS and waiting, i finally have my 77 luv on the road.

i bought this truck for 5 bux with a head full of bent valves. i put a spare head i had on it, and it got it running again. it runs freakin awsome now.

its got a 77 g180 bottom end with an 84 g200 head on it. the g200 head has bigger ports and valves than the g180 head, so it got a little kick to it. nothin to crazy, but it skoots around pretty well.

i put the black wheels from the pup on it, and i think theyre gonna stay on it. they just make it look good.

anyways, heres some pics of the little bastard.

i plan on mono-leafin it with some airshocks here pretty soon. im still not sure though. i wanna get the pup back on the road. well see.
blackls1   +1y
nice. I want to get one someday. Most of them around here where cut up to make drag trucks though
/// xception   +1y
Good luck with that project man.
farmer joe   +1y
got some new wheels for the luv last week.

heres a few new pics...

theyre 18in nissan titan wheels with 215 35 hr18 rubber.

they will eventually be used to setup the bags on the pup when i get to it. but i have them on the luv for now... cuz they look freakin badass!!
isuzueh   +1y
man i really really like those rims
low_pup   +1y
dude those rims look bad as fawk on there. needs to be a bit lower though. gotta tuck those bad boys. but your gunna have to bad the front to turn.
86pup   +1y
dude the wheels look like they are worth more than the truck is
farmer joe   +1y

well figuring i bought the truck for $5, and the wheels and tires set me back $600, id say theyre worth a little more than the truck lol

ive got a few new pics of it at some of the local get togethers.

farmer joe   +1y
well i finally put a decent paintjob on the luv.

went with semi-flat black and oxide red primer with a fire orange pinstripe.

heres some pics...

oldskewlkool   +1y
i thought you had to be adjustable to be in freaks of nature