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new-ish wheels

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farmer joe   +1y
had to put my mazda wheels back on the pup. i shot some paint on em real quick today too.

i think it looks pretty good.

right after i took those pics, i ripped my exhuast off backing down the driveway. tore the pipe right off the manifold. pissed me off.
low_pup   +1y
they dont look to bad for some stockers. you should pick up a pair of navigators for it. i heard if your use a non-coned lug you are able to run them.

as for the exhaust i was going to comment on it but it looks like i dont have to now.
farmer joe   +1y
yeah that exhuast was just to get me by for a while. then it came all the way off, so i have to redo it again.

im probably going to be buyin some GMC 17s off my buddy when i get my tax returns.
farmer joe   +1y
i put another coat of paint on the wheels today. i also put a front air dam on the bumper. its off of an 87 ranger. fit right on the bumper.

i think it looks awsome. makes the front looks alot lower and covers up the ugly frame that was exposed.
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