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send before and after pics of your ride

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ablaydes   +1y
everybody send before and after pics of you ride with techs and other stuff you would like us to know bling bling
isuzueh   +1y
I like the rear setpu my truck had when i got it so I didn\'t change much just cleaned it up a bit painted some pieces and wleded a new crossmemeber in



And i fixed up the box which was a little beaten up..shaved the gas door and fixed the fenders and the dragged off rollpan




I still gotta do the talgate and trim the fenders a bit to tuck the wheel DOH
ablaydes   +1y
man that things pretty sick
ablaydes   +1y
love the black and the red
dragn92nznsi   +1y


farmer joe   +1y
the day i got it...


86xr4ti   +1y
This is how I got my truck.

I put a little work into it and this was the next step.

86xr4ti   +1y
And here is how it sits at the moment with a couple exceptions.
Valve setup thanks to WES but I think Im going to change it up.

I picked up some wheels from a friend for 100 bucks.

added home carpeting to the floor.

bagged the front.

and then added some spots.