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blackls1   +1y
Any of you guys ride? Street,flat,trails,vert? What do you ride frame wise?
I ride a brakeless eastern Sequence that I have been grinding on a little at the time to modify the rear measurements. Cut bars, etc.
I can't do shit.
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isuzueh   +1y
I used to ride back in the day I still have a diamond back joker to boot around town on heres a quick pic of it

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blackls1   +1y
Anyone else ride? I know BMX is popular with the aussies.
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gldsuzi   +1y
im 24 now and ive been ridin since i was like 12, from 12 to 17 i rode all day everyday from 17 till now i ride every once and a while. I ride street a lil bit but i love trail ridin (set after set, after set )it feels so fuckin good I ride a standard STA i know that is pretty old school at this point but the thing is un"fucking"breakable, they don't lie when they say STA stands for (stronger than all) don't ever totally stop ridin!!
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dragdatzu   +1y
yeah i ride street and trails and i used to race competively back in the day lol...rite now im ridin an easter accent andf i love the damn thing....but i really like s&ms and what not as well

my myspace has a vid of some of my friends
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low93zuzu   +1y
i used to race when i was like 14 until i was 17 and tore my tendin in my knee , and was good enough to get a co-factory sponsorship. i was ranked 67th in the nation for my age group . i still ride from time to time and still love it !! for all you old heads i ride a boss pro w/ redline 401 flights and some other goodies.

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isuzueh   +1y
haha nice!!! ^^^ I used to ride an old school GT mach 1 when i first started riding then i picked up a free agent now the diamondback
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speed171king   +1y
i used to ride but i sold my bike for a pit bike it was a s&m i rode a lot of flatland but never really got good at it
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justblazz00   +1y
i ride just about everyday . love and cant get off my bike enough to work on my truck lol . i ride a munity frame with munity glam bars . they r really big . 8.25 rise and 29 wide . profile cranks and profile hubs , fly wheels and fly stem . pivital seat and seat post plastic pedals . i run brakeless right and love it . m bike weights about 22 21lbs . i like that way . i ride alot of park and trails .
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low_pup   +1y
i use to ride alot of street and park. i use to work for an indor vans skatepark so thats how i got into riding park. i rode a s&m PBR serise w/ oddissy hazard light casset rims. a slew of weight reduction shit. seat post only 1 1/2 inches long, front rim was 48 spoke with 1/3 of the spoks removed, 1/4 inch goles drilled in the neck, tiny eace seat, 2 1/2 inch pegs only on the left side for weight and honing in skills, all sorts of shit. i havent been on a bike in liek 3 years now. i gave up once i got pretty good.