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dragn92nznsi   +1y
anyone here go see it yet? i saw it last night, i loved it. its definitely not a girls movie, its one of the most brutal non-horror movies ive seen in a while... but it was awesome
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ablaydes   +1y
nope didnt even k now there was such a movie hell what about ROCKY BALBOA anybody watch it yet
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sundown   +1y
i saw apocolipto...didnt much care for it. I mean it was ok but there wasnt much to the story, seemed like he told 1/4 of the story and focused too much on the killings and what not. and it was alreay a long movie...when it was over i was like, thats it? come on some of what could have been the best parts of the movie were left as the movie ended...
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blackls1   +1y
I liked it. But it was a little violent just for the sake of violence. My inlaws are from that region of Veracruz were the movie was filmed. It was nice seeing the landscape. Made me feel like I was back there.
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