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General Discussion \  Its been a long time coming...Im Looking for some parts..

Its been a long time coming...Im Looking for some parts..

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Well its been almost n entire season since I posted on here, Life I tell ya, moving, work, school. But I have finally had the time in the last month to really start the finishing steps to getting my pup together. I am plumbing all my lines, wiring valves, doing all new brake lines and components, doing full primer job all at over the last month. It is absolutely great to be back in a garage with the time to really put into my truck. Currently I am looking for a hood, complete steel bumper (ends and brackets) and the two lower corner panels in the very back ( the rear lower corner pockets) from a bed. I am more than willing to work something out with anyone who may be able to help me out with anything, a complete bed would be of very high interest as well..shaved or not. I would like to start a post in the under construction or just add to my old one with all my latest pics and progress! I cant believe the great information I was provided with from some of you guys through out my different stages and I hope everyone is doing great! Please email me if you do have anything for sale at that would be the most direct way to get in contact. Thanks a lot guys and I hope to hear soon!
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