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Why Isuzu?

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My frist truck ever was an 84 Isuzu pup. $500 and a rattle can blue with yellow flame paintjob. got bored and tagged it like a NY alleyway. it was one of the most fun vehicles to drive ive had yet. underpowered, so it felt like it was racing itself to get up to speed. simple and fun. didnt last long, overheated and warped the head. then ended up letting it go to cover a tow lien on it for leaving it where i shouldnt have...
i miss that truck
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I have an 03 sonoma im trying to get rid of, a juiced Mazda b to replace it as a daily driver while i make up my mind on what i wanna build for me... but im still drawn to that 84 pup I had.

Im wondering why YOU got an isuzu? what makes them stand out as the best for you? Im curious the reasoning behind it...what makes an isuzu p'up the best mini truck?
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