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General Discussion \  Searching for Amigo zip on soft top windows!!

Searching for Amigo zip on soft top windows!!

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low1994   +1y
hey everyone!! its been forever since Ive been on here. Lifes been taking its many turns and I havent had very much free time. I really hope everyone is doing well! I have a buddy who just got an 1999 Amigo and is going to be using it as a daily driver. Since I am located all the way up here in New York, we get some pretty nasty weather come winter months, haha! I told him that I would come on here and see if anyone has any idea where I could get the rear Zip on plastic windows for the soft top. If anyone has any spare ones used in decent condition that would be great, I'm sure he would be willing to work out a reasonable price incld. shipping and etc. Thanks a lot guys!!! hope someone might be able to help me! thanks a lot!
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nssj   +1y
ebay, maybe rockauto.

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