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4.3swap with s10 five speed?

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89zues   +1y
just wandering if the five speeds been done or not. i no its hydrolic clutch and all but havend seen or heard of it done. i like the standard but would go with an automatic if had to. if i go automatic how close are the bottom of the pan and tranny clearance when laid out.
eatinpavement   +1y
a 700r4 will fit under there just fine layed out, the 5 speed wont. on the 5 speed the slave cylinder hangs down way too low from the bellhousing. this is a problem even on an s10. it holds the s10 up almost 2 inches. for the auto you just have to knock the floor in in a couple of places mainly in the center of the tranny tunnel at and right behind the firewall and also on the passenger side floorboard where that round cover comes out the side the tranny.

89zues   +1y
i appreciate the help man. ive dicided not to go with the 4.3, i got a better deal on an install that hasnt been done with our trucks. its gona be a 89 200 z se nissan v6 turboed with a five speed, with the evo intercooler and piping and exuast work ill break about 300 hp
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