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89zues   +1y
ive got a prob. ive got 20" wheels with 255/45/20 tires. my front end is zd 2 3/4in ive cut the shock towers far as i could for the bag brackets and gusseted them. the prob i got is i zd the fram to lay the 20s,(this is the first time to actaly bag a truck) i bagd the thuck with the truck laid out and zd the frame on the same tire but bald so now the truck likes 2" fome laying. quest is should i cut the fishplates off and re z the frame or cant i biuld a set of control arms that will fix this or can i cut my lowers and fix this any help would be great. i cant stand not laying fully.
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low1994   +1y
running drop spindles?? if not try slapping those on. might have to run an amigo fender though. and if not...u could try notching out your lower arms to get the additional drop. I just finished doing my front end, and with a lot of help from the guys on here...she lays decently well. tho I now have to worry about my oil pan...any suggestions?
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tycox   +1y
you need to get a smaller tire like a 225-35-20. it should give you prob 1 1/2 more of drop. then see if you need to notch the lowers or build some. you have to reangle the upper ball joints if you dont have drop spidles. and to the other person you can z the frame or section the oil pan an 1inch.
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eatinpavement   +1y
^^^^^^^^some good points or you can also redo the motor mounts and raise the motor a little
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