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89zues   +1y
ok this is wierd, i was on the way to tex mex 09 and got 200 miles from when my a/c comp blew. this is when i notised the prob. i had the truck in my garage on a 7 month biult, i pulled the head changed the head gasket port and polished the head intake ect. well on the trip it only had about 450 miles on the change. when the comp. blew, i noticed the head gasket was loosing oil between the head and block. theres no prob with water in the oil. but every since ive had to put a quart of oil about every other week. has anyone had a prob like this and if so what was the cause. i was thinking of decking the head but any suggestions would be great.
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lowblazer   +1y
did your motor over heat before you redid your head?? sounds like your head could be warped but i dunno for sure. the machine shop that did your work should have checked it before they did anything though. were you the one i talked to at tex mex?? i cant remember who all i talked to from what forums damn alcohol
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