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89zues   +1y
I couldnt find it but there used to be a topic that showed a howto grease and a/c compesser for use as an air compresser. the guy used lithium grease to do it. see i just burnt up my second one last night and i oiled it with 10w 30 motor oil every 2-3 days. so i was wondering if anyone else here might have seen that topic and tried it. it sounds like it could work but i was concerned with the heat issue. any help or ideals would be great. i dont really want to go electric because u cant get no better than 0-170psi in 30sec from the engine.
tycox   +1y
you oil it with sae 30 or air tool oil but not that often just check it every week. and make sure you have a seperator. it takes just a few drops of oil but you are using the wrong oil.
cavanaugh   +1y
Anyone have any pics of their EDC setup? Im looking to do one on my truck. What about removing the AC, what all is removed, lines, etc?
tycox   +1y
there is one on my page look for zudraggin and you will see how it is setup. i runa saden chrome compressor from summit. it fills my 12 gallon tank to 200 psi in around 4 min.
89zues   +1y
look on the back of ur a/c comp.. if ur looking at it from the front of the engine,theres 2 tubes on the back. the fat one toward the driverside will be the intake side. cut the tube about 2 in past the bent when it straitens out. i got an spectre filter (mini) from autozone and forced it on...its worked great. the exuast side i kept the hose and fitting on it. then i cut it past the fitting on the aluminum tube about an inch. then i put a comp. fitting on it then ran watertrap, checkvalve ,then to tank. I oil mine from the intake tube, put 6 ounces of oil in ot a week just to be on the safe side. if u find the round canister by the radiator unplug it and loop the circit. then look under the dash behind the glove box, look and find the aluminum box on the side of the a/c core. theres 2 female wires that plug in to it. take the two and loop them together. if u do the right when u start the truck, turn the a/c on and u can use the a/c button. mine works great and no one no how to get it off the ground but u lol.. hope this helps
89zues   +1y
zu do u have that on a pres. switch and if u do how good does it work....and thanks 4 telling me about wat wate oil to use
tycox   +1y
yea on the saden 508 there is a black wire on it just hook it up to the pressure switch then to a toggle then to acc. i ran a oiler to the intake side like the ones for air compressors and on the other side i copper lined it to the oil water seperator the ran regular line from there to the tank. it gets kinda hot coming from the compressor i blew the regular air line at 190 psi. make sure when you get a seperator to get one with a metal bowl. mine has busted two glass bowls
89zues   +1y
thanks man as for the metal bowl, wered u get urs from. dont no if i realy need it though, my first comp. i locked up, i got cot up in traffic in houston tx, forgot and left it nunning. the tank filled to about 300psi then shattered the bearings inside. as for my glass bowl its like it never affected it( and its only limited to 160psi. just crazy lol). i think its because its set up for when the press. drops its got and automatic drain valve that opens.
bodied b2600zx (josh)   +1y
I did a write up on Mazda B Scene. . . I did the conversion for the compressor on my pup though. . . I'll make a tech write up on here for it too. . . Check it out. . .

tycox   +1y
you can get a metal bowl from grainger