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Toyota Hubs....IVE searched

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lowzone1   +1y

ive searched but cant find the answers i need. I got a pair of Toyota Spindles (complete w/rotors,hubs,calipers,lines ECT) from a 93 Toyota truck, 5 lug of course....anyway, what rims can i run? i want to run 18x7 thru 18x8 anything 5 spoke or tuner what offset with what width to tuck. Now im not needing to TUUUUUCK, just inside the fender lip would be fine and preferred. Widest stance would be best for my situation. im running stock PICKUP sheetmetal WITH OR WITHOUT dropspindles. I'll run dropspindles if i need the wider stance. Also i need to know about the rear axle, im running a 3.2L Rodeo 190hp V6 and a 5 speed and LSD Dana44 out back 4.30 gears but its 6 lug....redrill????? or would it be too narrow for FWD style rims? (running 18x8 with 25mm offset now and they tuck about 1" inward on the rear) I dont want to run spacers, not for this set up. Hoping to autocross so the truck is NOT laying out but will be dropped for handling purposes. I want to upgrade the brakes as well. Any rear axle recommendations? with a toyota rear work/hold up? not worried about leaf spring perch widths and driveshaft bolting up, i can have all that fabricated....just need to know widths (years and model that will match the front on the Isuzu suspension). I know this is alot of the run down:

5 lug conversion

1- rim widths and offset (center bore diameter as well)
2- rear axle to match isuzu supension w/toyota hubs on drop spindles (IF needed)
3- big brake upgrade (bolt on if available)

funds arent really an issue because i want it done right


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gldsuzi   +1y
there should be a thread all abuot this on here under suspension, or general tech
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lowzone1   +1y

ive searched the whole site (as well as each forum independantly) for 114.3, Toyota, toyota Hub(s), 5 lug, conversion, hub, tacoma and came up with max of 3 different postings, one saying 84-92 hubs and rotors are to be used. Now i have 93, will they work? cause up to 95 should be the same. So that one other post is incorrect, if in fact the hubs from 84-95 fit. Now, there is nothing with offset, center bore and rims sizes listed either. someone that has/had done the toyota 5 lug swap to post their rim size/offset and center bore requirements as well as if the Toyota rear will work out as well.


is it possible that thread was lost when the forum changed format??????
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westanbro   +1y
Ive done the swap before but just used the hubs and rotors and put 20s but had amigo fenders. Speedy has 5 lug on his. Get with him and see if he knows what the wheel offset is on his.
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lowzone1   +1y
THANK YOU, thats some of the info i needed and a contact that would know the rim offset. appreciate it!!!
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speedylowz   +1y

Yo I juz made a return to the site!!! It's been a while cause nothing looks the same anymore!!!!LOL!!!

Anyways..........Like westanbro stated I have the 5 lug conversion on my Zoo.
Question 1-------I was running a 18x8 all the way around with my old wheels BMW Euro wheel(Rims For Sale)
I think the offset was 50 i think(I'll have to check on that)center Bore?
Question 2-------rear axle basically is the yota axle,however it is narrower than the Isuzu axle, So I ran some
adapters(wheel spacers) to get my wheels to sit flush in the rear. For the Spindles I am
currently running drop spindles, But i will be changing that on my rebuild. U can lay the front
with a bodydrop without drop spindles(u get more lift also)
Question 3------Not sure on the big brake upgrade, but u will have to put some washers on the front calipers
to work with the yota rotors.

Lowzone pretty sure u remember what my zoo looked like with my BMW wheels but here's a pic. I will sell juz the wheels if your interested in um they're in great shape juz collecting dust at the moment!!!! LOL!!! Hope i helped u out with the info.

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eatinpavement   +1y
i have done a few also. like speedy said you need to use a 1/8" thick flat washer between the caliper and the spindle to recenter the rotor in the caliper. the front, all you need is any rotors from 95 or older model toyota as long as it is the vented rotors. the toyota and isuzu use the same inner and outter bearings and you will need to use the isuzu rear seal. for the rear i have always either used a toyota rearend or and s10 rearend with redrilled hubs and deeper wheels or adapters and fwd wheels. if you redrill the 6 lug rear, 2 of the holes will slightly overlap which may or may not cause problems. you can also check the width you prefer and check out a 95-2001 ford explorer. they are 59.5" wide and came with rear disc brakes, 5x4.5 or 114.3 lug pattrern, 8.8" ring gear, 1.31" 31 spline axles and was offered with trac-lok lsd. whatever rearend you decide to use just be sure to grab the driveshaft with it in case you need to change the rear yoke on yours. as for brakes, the only one i really know right off hand selling bolt on kits is phattys in canada. he makes them for the toyota and i am sure it can easily be adapted to the isuzu.
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lowzone1   +1y
AWESOME!!! thanks...i was thinking someone used Supra brales to upgraded (toyota to toyota bolt on). i know about the washers as the AIM drop spindles are the same way now. i used lock washers from the rear U bolts as they are perfect in width and the bridge bolts go right thru them. Thanks for the input. I was also thinking of a Lincoln Mark VIII independant rear but they are 63" wide hub to hub. thanks again
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