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Amigo Quarters

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89zues   +1y
has anyone grafted on a set of amigo quarter panels onto a pick up. i was wondering how hard it was and if it would help my 20s clear my bedsides better. any comments would help.
lowzone1   +1y
i have done a few sets of amigo 1/4s. I was one of the first to do this way back in 97. Its a PIA IF you keep the inner fenderwells and seal it off from the bedsides (like factory). If you just hang the sheetmetal on the outside and run without fenderwells, its easy. The only real issues are the fuel door is relocated to the back, which if you ran an Amigo/Rodeo/Trooper tank where your spare is, it works out good. The other issue is the rear most lower body line (at the bottom of the back of the bed) doesnt line up. the amigo starts to kick up for the SHORT backend, the pup is slightly longer after the wheel arch. since they are different angles, they dont flow right. its not a big deal. a good bodyshop can recontour the line right since its so short and all the way at the bottom. heres pics of mine done on my crewcab (built not imported):

you can see the bottom rear line isnt lined up, body work isnt done yet:

Gas door was moved....yeah that was fun, let me tell you:

heres where it doesn quite line up...this one was modified to roll into it, not perfect but no major reconstruction was done yet:


splashshield made:
92zuzuman   +1y

Heres a thread on here about my amigo quarters. The small bodyline in lowzones pic is the one thats a bitch to line up. I ended up cutting that chunk out and splicing the original piece with the little bodyline from the pickup back in.

The guys at the junkyard didnt just give me the quarters, they gave me half the fuckin truck. And there was a lot of bondo on the quarters already.
89zues   +1y
i realy apreshate the help and pics from u guys for your help. everything i get puts me closer to completion. and lowzone1, thats one sick isuzu.
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