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Is the economy slowing your progress?

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92zuzuman   +1y
I come on here every night usually and the last few months this site has been really dead. When i hang out with my friends lately its less about turnin wrenches and more about just drinking and chillin out. Streetsource seems to be slowing down too... Are minis losing popularity or is it the shitty economy? I might be more broke than ever but im trying not to slow down on my zu project. Anyone else goin through the same thing? Idk just post something if your still on here!
baha   +1y
Yeah man it's affecting a lot of people, I know I've slowed down a lot. I'm still working but I'm saving atleast 1k a month just in case. I'm trying to only buy what I have to.
h2omelon(nick)   +1y
It's slowed me down to a dead stop.I got layed off in October and am still out of work!
93zuzu89   +1y
definately. i've stopped putting anything into my truck. i'm tryin to save for a daily driver so i can park the isuzu and make it a full project.
92zuzuman   +1y
Wow this sucks. Luckily i have most of the stuff i need to put my mini together, so i can go out in the garage and work (gotta build my 3/4 frame) and not spend too much more for a while. My new daily as of last week is a 89 yota pickup static dropped with a chevy 305 and a 2 speed powerglide... so if gas goes up to like 4 bucks again im completely screwed.

Btw deric get a cheap beater car and lemme see the zu get bagged! I cant wait to see that bitch on the ground!
93zuzu89   +1y
you and me both!
isuzueh   +1y
hasn't really affected me at all.....the only thing that has me stopped to a hault is winter and me not having a garage to work in booo

sicpupidaho   +1y
it has slowed me down bad .im glad my shop is still getting by just wish things would come back up.
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