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need some help with my body drop

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justblazz00   +1y
hey guy im about to bodydrop my spacecab but we r not dure where top cut it . we r doin a traditional and im wondering how far i need to go . any pics would help alot . we doin a back half too so like i said any pics would help . thanks guys
draggnisuzu   +1y
What's up bro , well about your truck and you going traditional well here it goes I did mine stock floor and let me tell you it was hella easy man I would of got it done sooner then what I got it done but I think it would be easy to go stock floor cause the main things that I did that a piece of cake just took a little while was cut the tops of the stock frame and place a new 2x3 square tubing mine was 3/16 thick leave your tranny crossmember on just sectioned both sides and plate it good the front horns just cut them and bring them down as much body drop your going and the bed floor well you got to raise it let me tell you I loved the way my truck drove lots of room in the cab I loved it but it's long gone I started a new and this one is stockfloor body drop to the pinch on some 22's and let me tell you I can't wait tell it's done it's getting there
draggnisuzu   +1y
Of you need help or have any ? Hit me up I'll be more then glad to help a pup owner
justblazz00   +1y
thanks man . well started doin the body drop tonight and its goin pretty good . i wanted to do a stock floor but i didnt know what to do so we went ahead and did a traditional . its not bad and weve talked to a few guys that have done one . but thanks for ur help though ill keep yall posted . ill make a build thread with the pics i have tomorrow .
sicpupidaho   +1y
I hope some of this helps. Any questions just ask.
89zues   +1y
ANYBONY got any pics on how to do traditional on a standard cab.
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