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The ups and downs of being a minitrucker

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twizted_spacecab   +1y
I ran into a sign tonight as i was working on my truck that smacked me in the face. I made the mistake of leaving the leaf springs on when i welded up my c-notch and when i laid the truck on the ground for the first time i found that my notch wasnt high enough and postioned to far back. So i was left with the option to cut the frame off at the back of the cab and build a back half or build a stock floor frame. It just sucks cuz i have spent the last 3 weeks smoothing the frame and doing the c-notch. But now i will get what i wanted anyway by bodydropping it. Just had to get that out there. Like to hear some more storys.
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93zuzu89   +1y
i just fixed a fuel problem on my truck and now its still studdering. i'm thinkin its my worn to hell u-joints that i been needing to replace for a while. and just yesterday i walk outta class and i have a flat tire. haha.
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twizted_spacecab   +1y
yeah it always seems that it cant be just one thing that goes wrong
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nznsi   +1y
mine kept cutting off everyonce and a while, n then would start back up maybe in 5 mins or an hour, so figured maybe fuel line was clogged up changed filter and that wasnt the problem, bought a new weber and put it on, truck started ran fine for 30 min then cut off and wouldnt start again, finally i bought a new fuel pump and truck started and ran but wouldnt idle worth a dime, then gas was pouring out of every hole on the carb, so as im scratching my head pissed off, out of couriousity i pulled a line that was pluged off on the old pump, as i just switched everything to the new pump , its ran great ever since
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