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low1994   +1y
all i gotta say is wow. I was following the build in the forum here..and now..Cover Page! Congrats!!! very cool article and tons of great photos!!! def. deserved!!!

Last few months have been great, tons of Pups getting coverage in MT even if it is just show coverage snap shots! Great to see.

Congrats again to Jeff!!! great work!
/// xception avatar
/// xception   +1y
Suprised Jeff hasnt started this thread....
low1994 avatar
low1994   +1y
im not tryin to cause trouble, just got the issue today and thought it was really something great...

my apologies if I stepped on your toes................
/// xception avatar
/// xception   +1y
NO thats not what I meant.....he usually keeps us updated with the progress of the truck.
blackls1 avatar
blackls1   +1y

Not quickly enough. I was stoked on this build when I first saw the chassis.

I'm trying to find more pics of it, without any luck.

I want to see more pics of the interiour.
93zuzu89 avatar
93zuzu89   +1y
i got MT in the mail and saw it and just said wow. p'ups are becoming more and more popular in MT, and for good reason!
sicpupidaho avatar
sicpupidaho   +1y
Congrads jeff looks good.
isuzueh avatar
isuzueh   +1y
was just reading it the other day looks badass man congrats
/// xception avatar
/// xception   +1y
I heard it was sold. THe new owner I guess already wrecked it.
baha avatar
baha   +1y
Damn I hope that isn't true I just saw it last weekend