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notching lowers

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low1994   +1y
i know there was pics of someone notching out their lower arms on here somewhere, but i cant seem to find em...tryin to figure out how much n where on the arms to cut out..anyone have any helpful info for me?

If anyone has pics of that can u just post reply on this thread with em. I'm working on doing mine soon, and would like at least some type of picture to give me an idea...

thanks a lot guys.
westanbro   +1y
Heres a link to some that were done on my old isuzu by the new owner.

eatinpavement   +1y
man correct me if im wrong but it looks like those bushings are gonna bind in the pics. the arent inline and they dont need to be notched quite that much.
westanbro   +1y
It was just to give him an idea on how to notch em not how to a-arm them. Thats why I dont like to tell people how to do shit cause someones got to chime in with some bullshit. Welcome to streetsource.
low1994   +1y
thanks westanbro for the about to get into the front end of my pup tonight, i dont want to run rodeo or amigo fenders, so I am kind of steering away from drop were the only one who gave me any type of helpful information, so I appreciate it..oh and BTW my wheels came in just today, def lookin mint, let me know about tire size..just so i can get an idea.

and if anyone can tell the lower arms have to be notched that deep?? then i just weld my lower bag bracket into the notched out section,or what? looks like it would weaken the hell out of them, going that deep...let me know. thanks again.
92zuzuman   +1y
my plan so far for my front suspension is cutting the shock towers above the framerail and mounting my upper bag plate to the tower and mounting the lower plate to the lower c arm without notching it. i removed the shocks and did this but I havent really measured for bags in there or anything, saw it work on another pup so i ran with it. I didnt get my bags or bag brackets yet so im gonna figure it out exactly when i get em. I just wanted to give u another idea to think about.
eatinpavement   +1y

sorry i was having a moment. i was wrong for that. anyways i did mine to slightly above the center of the torsion bar holes and i dont use spindes on 19s with 235/35s or 20s with 225/35s
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low1994   +1y
which way out of those dif pics would be the better way to do it/ I mean obviously its two different not going to A-arm them, but def do need to know which might work out well to lay her down nice. and whatd you do just notch them out about and inch or two?? Im using conti-tech 2500's up front...if it makes any difference.