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General Discussion \  so i might come off as stupid but i really need some help.

so i might come off as stupid but i really need some help.

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low1994   +1y
the help ive gotten this far from everyone here has been great! so I want to start it off by saying thanks to all you guys...if it isnt obvious by now Im building my first mini..and its 94 pup.

Im doing an over axle bag set up...with a FBI universal triangulated 4 link set up..suicide doors torsion bar full notch and bag bracket kit. Ive got my notches all welded up..and working on doing my 4link in a 50/50 lower froward, uppers backwards. I have seen on westnboro's (i think) he has a 50/50 set up like i would like to run.

I want to leave my gas tank in it general stock location, except that i just fab'd up some brackets that raise it about 2.5". So heres my questions..doing a 4 link set does the axle travel up and down being secured on either side in different angles? the bars basically move in an the axle moves up and down the arc changes right?? so how do i know where and how to set up my link avoid ending up having a total failure of a set up??? and also how do i go on doing my link set up so that it will layout with my desired wheel size in mind??

Please guys...anyone..give me some advice...i might be a newbie to this but im trying to learn and do it myself..if its better to PM with your responses..please feel free.. sorry if this was long. thanks for your patience.
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92zuzuman   +1y
The best thing to do is measure everything like 20 times and then TACK your pieces to the frame. then move the truck up and down to test travel, then weld it on. If something binds or is incorrect grind the tack welds off and start over. From looking at other ppls trucks online, its pretty easy to get some really good ideas on what to do. Figure it out, tack it, test it, then weld.
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low1994   +1y
thanks for the info man.....and thanks seriously...i guess nobody else could be bothered to give me some info.
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isuzueh   +1y
I would have but didn't have the answers sorry man
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