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quick ?

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low1994   +1y
so im doing my first 94 pup. got the rear end almost done over axle set up. But I was wondering if the back wall of the cab needs to get tunneled out or not for just notching and bagging a pup?? I would like to eventually BD..but for now can anyone please help me out with that question. thanks alot guys appreciated.
sicpupidaho   +1y
i know you do if you run 17s or bigger on a standerd cab i did when i had mine it was just bagged. i think when i had it lowered on 16s i notched the cab. its been awhile sold that truck in 2000. hope that helps.
low1994   +1y
yeah thanks, I want to run some stock caddy's 17's or 18's if i can find them anytime not sure what id need to do.
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