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93zuzu89   +1y
does anyone know if seats from a 94 rodeo will bolt directly into a 93 isuzu pickup? i found some at a pull-a-part but i didn't want to get them unless i knew they would fit in my truck.
westanbro   +1y
They should if its the same body style. Holes should be under the carpet for the other two bolts on each seat.
93zuzu89   +1y
its the same body style, its a 94.
lowzone1   +1y
they fit, also 98-02 fit from what ive heard.
gldsuzi   +1y
they defanantly fit i have them in my truck
93zuzu89   +1y
great. i'm gonna pick up a pair next time i go up there. i went yesterday but didn't have the money to get them just yet but they had a couple models to choose from. i'm gonna try to get the best lookin ones now that i know they fit. thanks guys.
/// xception   +1y
They might be a little pricey...I know when I had my regular cab Isuzu I tried to find some bucket seats and they were expensive. I hope the price has gone down.
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