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rear end swap?

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92zuzuman   +1y
anyone here ever swap their isuzu's rear out? I really want a posi and im pretty sure any chevy small block i pick out is gonna destroy the stock rear. If anyone could let me know what they used that would be very nice.
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lethalethan   +1y
What year is your truck? Mine is a 91 and it looks pretty sturdy. Though I also have a question, would a 4x4 rodeo disk brake rear axle bolt in with no mods? they look pretty similar other than the brakes anyway.
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92zuzuman   +1y
i got a 92 and the rear would probably be ok with a chevy motor but i still want a posi. i dont see why you couldnt swap for a rear axle with disc brakes, just hook the brake lines up bleed em and u should be good. my friend did a rear enddisc brake conversion in his s10 with a blazer xtreme rear.
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lowzone1   +1y
is your VIN a JAA (Japan built) or 4S (US built) truck? if its a JAA it has the Isuzu 12 bolt under it, which will hold about 400 hp. a guy in Floriday is running a 4.56 Amigo rear with a 2.6L turbo set up. the V8 will give more grunt so you might want to look more towards a 93-95.5 Rodeo Dana 44. they are the same width as whats under your truck. im running a G80 code dana 44 (Isuzu/GM code for a LSD) in my 90 pup v6 project. the Dana 44, parts are reasonably priced and easier to come by then the Isuzu 12 bolt which the LSD is available but rare and gear choices are 4.10, 4.30, 4.56, 4.77 and ULTRA rare 5.38s. If you have a 4S VIN, you have a GM 7.5" GM 10 bolt, not the strongest axle but can be built up to hold some HP. they were also under Camaros with V8s so they did hold up....if you need more info, let me know. i can tell you what truck has what axle under it and gearing options
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eatinpavement   +1y
i am running a blazer extreme rearend with disc brakes, 3.42's and a powertrax lockright
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92zuzuman   +1y
Last night i picked up a 76 corvette fully independent rear with disc brakes that im gonna put in there. I gotta leave for work now but ill have pics for u guys soon. Thx for all that info ron i had no idea about any of that.
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