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isuzu spindles?

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92zuzuman   +1y
Im lookin at belltech 2" isuzu drop spindles for my pup, but i was wondering if there was anything better that u guys might have seen out there. please let me know
sicpupidaho   +1y
If its a pup belltech doesnt make it. the only company i know that does is chassis tech/ aim.
gldsuzi   +1y

I 2nd that, unless belltech just started making them very recently
lowzone1   +1y

OR like so many other companies, reboxing AIM spindles and selling them under Belltech's name. If Belltech makes a set, i wonder if they stick the rims out 1/2" like the AIM ones do.........
92zuzuman   +1y
yeah my friend told me they had them when he ordered his hardbody spindles, hes probably wrong. Im gonna order up the chassis tech ones tonight, already took the balljoints and everything apart and im ready to go
eatinpavement   +1y
hey did you order your spindles yet? i have a set to get rid of if not
89zues   +1y
do u need a set of them to lay on 22s?
89zues   +1y
does any one no of a company that still sells clear taillights. (not euros but the solid no red ones) ive seen the pop up in minitruckin at shows on isuzus but i cant seem to find them anywere
89zues   +1y
my bad guys..didnt mean to post clear tails here
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