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Wing windows to one piece side glass.

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bjscustombillet   +1y
Just wondering if i can use my wing window doors and just remove the wing window and post. Then use the tracks and glass from a donor with one piece side glass. Im pretty sure the window seals would be different also.
If so are the door panels the same?

draggnisuzu   +1y
whats man well just to let you know you can change it to a one piece window what i did i went to the junk yard and got the window tracks and the glass also the rubber seal and the good thing about this they bolt start up no modifications good luck any more questions hit me up
isuzueh   +1y
what did you get the one piece window and track out of just curious?
draggnisuzu   +1y
i got them off a rodeo 95 thru 97 dont know really what year but its the year that they came out with the round dash and if you do get them make sure to get the harness and the switches cause its it will be lot easier cause i didnt get all of it i used 90 silverardo switches but if you have ? hit me up again ill try to help you guys out
gldsuzi   +1y
DUDE vent windows are the shit an you can just shave the mirrors of and have none and it looks awesome
bjscustombillet   +1y
I got my windows changed over this weekend. It wasnt to bad. I had to do some drilling and cutting since my doors were a little older. It was great having the complete donor doors to measure and make templates from. All in all im really happy that I did it.
lowzone1   +1y
yup, not hard to do at all, just ahve to move a few screw holes and make sure you get all the weatherstripping. door panels fit but the glass felt strips are different, easy to change. just get a 94-97 Rodeo, 94 Amigo or 94-95 pup for a donor truck then it just bolts on. swapping in power windows is a BITCH though.....alot of wiring
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