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sup guys

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tnjeff   +1y
still around just busy...i need a hood for my zu its a 93,,,also forgot how to post pics on here but someone post it for me please
speedylowz   +1y
Hey Jeff I have one.
tnjeff   +1y
yo how much bro....where in La r u.....Jamey Jordan lives in Meridian. ill be in Memphis and at Keefs rod and Kustoms which is an hour and a half outside memphis. i might be able to pick it up or have Jamey pick it up
/// xception   +1y
Just rock the truck with no hood....let everyone see that 327. Cant wait to see the truck better not beat me at shows Jeff (I wont be your friend anymore LOL.)
blackls1   +1y
Yea I can't wait to see more pics of this truck. Any pics of it floatin around on the net now?
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