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we really need to push this site

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lowzone1   +1y
its dead.....not much activity. i had alot of issues trying to register waiting WEEKS for the email confirming it....i had to re-register (months later) and it went thru almost of my buddy's having the same issue. since llike APRIL....not much posting going on also. im not trying to down this site but more or less PUSH it to higher levels of membership and popularity.
im on and sites and they rock, new topics, replies daily, pictures posted, alot of chat without any flaming or whoring. the isuzupup one is for 81-87 diesels is 99.9999999999% 4x4 guys (which i have had 4wd Rodeos) but this is site is almost all about lowered 2wd 88-95 pups...the best Isuzu truck body style EVER.
lets spread the word about the site and hopefully the moderator gets the registrations logged in abit faster???. i cant imagine if me and my buddy both had this issue, how many others were lost..... RAH RAH RAH!!!
again, im not trying to down the site, just get us all riled up and push for more members and get the word out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
isuzueh   +1y
im rep'n!!!

blackls1   +1y
I don't have a Isuzu but this is one of my favorite sites. yotascene also. I'm a fan of minitrucks. I'm going to keep posting and asking stupid questions and posting pics and links as long as the site is still going.
sicpupidaho   +1y
we all were talking alot on here for awhile. I have been real busy with work not much time for the pup this year.hope to get more done this winter. how is everyone?
speedylowz   +1y

Yeah we all used to post like everyday on here.....Guess we wore off the new a LIL. HA HA HA I 've been hitting up some shows & trying to get the Zoo the way I want & of course it's taking a while.......
thetornado   +1y
thanks for the encouragement guys.
first of all, sorry again for the wait for the new user account. we had some major spamming problems a while back and there was just no way for us to stay up with it in a timely fashion.
i posted a thread about it, and said if anyone needed approval to email/im me and i would immediately. so if anyone is reading this and needs approval just let me know.
secondly, we are almost done with converting all the sites over to an upgraded registration that will allow immediately approval. its coming soon!
and lastly, the site is what you make it. if you want it to be active, than start posting everywhere and anything. i can tell you that i have been activating a lot of new users so get them involved and let loose!
lowzone1   +1y

i tried emailing and never got a response. My buddy (modemagic) tried registering, im going to tell him to try again. when you re-register, it says that name/email is an user id already....why mine is Lowzone1 not just lowzone..... im telling everyone about this site and all the other mini truck alternatives other then Isuzuscene........... i hope this site takes off, more posts on what we all have in common, LOWERED Isuzu 88-95 (mostly). its a rare truck to work on vs. S10s/Mazda/Toyotas so we need as much help as possible
speedylowz   +1y

i second that!!!!!!!!!!

lowzone1   +1y
see thats what im talking we just have to get more members, more interest in the site. im not trying to ruffle any feathers, just push a site that is 100% about lowered Isuzus!!!!!!! this can be a very good site if we can get the word out and windshield logos is a GREAT START!!!!
thetornado   +1y
i just activated modemagic. so be sure to let him know.
anybody else that needs activated just let me know, and ill get to it asap. thanks guys!