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What are these lights?

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blackls1   +1y
What kinda headlights are these? The look cool.
brianbgboy   +1y
look like the 07-08 toyota tundra lights to me.
isuzueh   +1y
and what are these tailights?? lol

blackls1   +1y
I liked it with a top. I'm wondering where he is going with it.
brianbgboy   +1y
after a little research, both headlamps and taillamps are of the bmw breed. i think a new 325i or something. def. looked better with the top!!! l8tr
lowzone1   +1y
well actually the headlights are from a Chryslet 300C

the taillights im still searching for, they look like Civic taillights from teh 01-05s but ill find them
blackls1   +1y
I would like to see the fenders circle cut and the bumper rounded out to flow with the headlights.
gldsuzi   +1y

Yea cuz they look really stupid right now
eatinpavement   +1y
looks like 300c headlights and ford focus tails
lowzone1   +1y

yupper...i called out the 300c (see above) but just checked Ebay...those are DEFINATELY FORD FocASS taillights....good call