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a new ride of mine.

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low_pup   +1y
this one is a 71 volkswagon squareback

thread post photo

plans for this is some shaving and i wanna trow sparks with it so its going on air cylinders all the way around with a custom front beam i gotta make from the stocker. and the beam will be narroed 6 inches so i can turn while riding really low.

the engine is non existant at the moment but im going to be building a 1915cc for it twin (small) turbo. (when funding lets me. lol)

its gunna get some shaving done to it and im changing the roofrack to a gutter mountes wood slat type and going witha full sliding rag.

in the back will be a fiberglass bod made to mount 2 subs iso-baric.

any ideas? i wanna hear them.
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/// xception   +1y
Looks cool man. Cant wait to see it done.
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