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another ride of mine and joshes

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low_pup   +1y
i may be taking full costody of this amazing crapper.

1975 cadillac eldarado convertable

thread post photo

all the white leather is uncracked and still soft but the exterior is kinda denty. gunna do some shaving and change up some of the lines on it, mix things up. its gunna be put on the ground but i dont know if im gunna do hydros or air. i plan to take out all the side glass and cap it then scrap the whole top and cap that as well.

if ya have any ideas for it let them be heard!

i cant decide on an exterior color for it.
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dragn92nznsi   +1y
i say gold candy

white 13s with gold spokes and whitewalls (check out homeboyz on, they'll hook you up)

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low_pup   +1y
sounds like some good ideas but i was thinking more like 22's
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