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Couple Questions

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keele   +1y
First question is when you do the rodeo front end conversion does it use your stock bumper brackets or do you have to get new ones for a rodeo.

Second does anyone have any picture of where they cut in the pockets for their suicide doors. I'm getting ready to start mine and just wanna see where abouts everyone has been putting theirs.

/// xception   +1y
You can use the same brackets for your rodeo bumper or your Isuzu bumper no issue that I know of.
keele   +1y
Thanks man
sicpupidaho   +1y
Ants right Rodeo and Pup ones are the same i have a Rodeo valance and the bumpers are the same.
keele   +1y
Thanks guys for your help
/// xception   +1y
Oh and I'm trying to look for pictures of my suicide doors. When the were being done so you can see exactly how they were done.
keele   +1y
Thanks bud. Yeah just wanna make sure i put the pocket in the correct place. I want to have to do as little metal work as possible.
isuzueh   +1y
does the same theory apply to this...I want to change my old 89 bumper and grill to the newer style with the dip in it any issues with that??
downforce   +1y

No issues at all, I did that to the rodeo. If you can find a local body shop parts supplier, they usually sell them cheaper than the dealer. The middle part of the bumper (it's all you need to buy) was like 35$ and the grill was 25$ (bought it for a pick up and cut the headlights out)
isuzueh   +1y
k did the new grill come with all new clips and everything??