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CONGRATS!!!!! sicpupidaho

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speedylowz avatar
speedylowz   +1y
Looking good bro.
sicpupidaho avatar
sicpupidaho   +1y
Thanks bro it was fun doing it they just took the pics 3 weeks ago.Now it is time to tear down and get more done for show season.
dan avatar
dan   +1y
Dude that is crazy as!

Mad props!!
dragn92nznsi avatar
dragn92nznsi   +1y
thought that thing was familiar hahaha
slamsuzu avatar
slamsuzu   +1y
Nice shoot! Congrats!
isuzueh avatar
isuzueh   +1y
/// xception avatar
/// xception   +1y
Paul congrats man. Its well deserved. I have to get another cover you're caught up. LOL
sicpupidaho avatar
sicpupidaho   +1y
I need to get it done so i can get in a print mag.Thanks again guys glad you like it.I built this truck for me and im glad people like what i like.
gldsuzi avatar
gldsuzi   +1y

Nice dude! Is that your girl?!
sicpupidaho avatar
sicpupidaho   +1y
Nope she is a friend.My girlfriend pick her to do the shoot.