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backspaceing help

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low_pup   +1y
anyone know what the backspaceing is on the escalade 17's? or what kind of backspasing do i need to bring wheels in a little further?
mightymini   +1y
i've been lookin for the same info to tuck the wheels too, not the escalades though. My wheels are hittin the support on top from the cab to the rad support. hopefully someone out here knows the backspacing we need
baha   +1y
do you guys know how to measure backspacing? it's really easy
low_pup   +1y
nope thats why im asking, but also my truck isnt with me, im trying to work a deal with a guy for some 20's
mightymini   +1y
Give us a "how to" on measuring backspace
baha   +1y
To measure backspacing lay the wheel on a surface face down. Place a Straight edge across the top of the wheel, and then measure from the mounting face to the bottom of the straightedge and there you go.

I found this image that may help explain things better.

Just in case you need to know how to measure offset it is a little harder to understand, to get the offset of a wheel first find the centerline, and the offset is the distance from the mounting face to the centerline of the wheel. It's almost always expressed in milimeters, and either positive or negative. If the wheel has a positive offset that means that the mounting face is in front of the centerline relative to the face of the wheel, If the wheel has a negative offset that means the mounting face is behind the centerline relative to the face of the wheel. I'll try to find a diagram online

Also if you need to convert offset to back spacing simply divide the wheel width in half, and add the offset whether it be negative or postitive. Ex say the offset is -35mm on an 8" wide wheel.

8"/2 = 4 + the offset (-35mm)

= 4 + (-35mm) and [35mm = 1.379"]

=4" - 1.379"

= 3.621" backspacing
low_pup   +1y
i geuss i just need to know if i can tuck these damn things. lol

they are 6x5.5 (i know this part is correct for my truck) and 20x8.5 with a +18 offset.

im thinking about picking them up toay or tomarrow
low_pup   +1y
oh yeah and stock escalade rims are

same lug pattern of course

Wheel Size: 17 x 7.5

Offset: 31mm
dragn92nznsi   +1y
will these wheels tuck? it looks like they will... if they do, anyone want 5 chrome 8.5 20s for 1000 haha

it says 30mm offset (and eskies being 31, tuck.)
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