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New to the site but not new to the zuzu. Im DRAGGINZUZU on SSM. owned almost every isuzu there is, 3 pups, 95 rodeo bodied on juice then bags, trooper lifted on 33's, and even an 86 Imark cut springs and all. LOL. Just getting back in the swing of things and picked up a bone stock 91 pup to start playing again. Has some 16" Tahoe rims but thats about it. Had it about a week now. guess Ill go static it this weekend till I get some more bags. Rodeo front end/ doors/ weber/interior needs some love, shave everything, you know all the usual stuff people do, nuthin to crazy, Then its Bodydrop time =) . Its my work truck to keep me from putting too many miles on the other rides. Anyways anybody close to Tampa??? is there a scene here anymore???
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