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93 isuzu..stafford, va

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hey guys i just bought a 93 reg cab isuzu from a friend of mine...nothing special. static, primered, 5 speed...

i have to go pick it up in a few days. needs some clutch work.

Plans are go over it and get it mechanically sound. Gonna redo torsions and set it down lower...
when that is done it will prolly be my wifes getter, errand runner...

slowly but surely it will get a little shaving, and simple bag setup...z'd up front. thinking of z'ing the rear as well, since there are no plans for big wheels. Raised bed floor..just a couple inches.

pic coming when i go pic it up...ill have a thread on this thing...
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well i will have pics hopefully tomorrow when i go pick it up....the wife is stoked. I went through all my air bag parts and i got pretty much everything but valves and bags for the isuzu already.. cant wait to get ..

ill have a build thread on it soon
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Well i got it home and started looking for the so called clutch problem it had. Had the wife push the pedal down while i looked under the hood. No movement. Layed in the floor and looked under the dash...and i seen that the pin and roller had broken in half.

went to the junk yard got a clutch cable. Installed it and bam...all better. Runs great.
Also picked up a new air filter housing...the one on it was beat up ....along with the light and wiper controls which were broke to sh!t

Did oil change, plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter, bought some stp oil treatment and some gas treatment. not bad so far.

well here are some pics....

thread post photo

thread post photo

thread post photo
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plans are to just get it together. Its missing a few things here and there. Has a few dents i need to handle.

Things needed:
driver side door panel
radio surround interior piece
driver side window regulator
new carpet
and a few other things i cant think of at this time

shave antenna, tailgate handle-relocate
body work
primered pink with a clear coat
tint windows
clean out engine bay of all that mess of hoses and whatknot----

besides the above listed things---it will get bagged...front and rear z's
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well that thing didnt last long......sold it today......good chance ill buy another one soon. or whatever the wife wants....
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