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10mrc   +1y
hey all i been building my dually now for 2 years over here in qld, australia... had it driving as a daily for 11 months but have pulled it off the road and its goine under the knife its in the shed at the moment getting a clip from the end of the drivers door back and also BD to sill or rocker as you say...

my name is Alex but im better known on australian forums as 10MRC from my bagged mercs a few years back im only 18 and so far have had 2 bagged mercs, 2 isuzu's/ holden rodeo's both bagged and a toyota van also bagged...
never had anyone do the work for me always built my own rides...

im part of a club over here in aus called DOWNTIME nice to meet you all and check out my build ill post it up hopefully when i get current photos but hopefully in the coming days
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89zues   +1y
first off whats up. man yall dont no just how lucky u are there. u got righthand drive, quad cab isuzus, man id give anything to own one there just bad ass. i was going to try and get just the cab shiped here but back out when they gave me a shipping and frieght fee of about $16000.00. but cant have what u want all the time.... was wandering if u have any pic of ur steering asemblely. i was told everything should swap sides but dont no if ur steering box and dampener are different. the dash and firewall is no concern becuase im refabin them. any help or ideals would be great.
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10mrc   +1y
yeah mate ill try grab a picture when i go back to the workshop hopefully tomorrow if its raining ...

they look the exact same and are mounted directly the same to my understanding and pretty sure we can use the modified ones that you guys get to clear for bodied zoo's cant remember the shop though....
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