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New guy in Houston TX

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marco   +1y
Wassup guys. My name is Marco , im from Houston TX. I work for a restoration shop that restores and hunts down parts for vintage Italian cars (Ferrari , Alfa Romeo , Maserati , etc...) Before that i did custom car audio for about 6 years. Been into mini truck for quite some time. I actually came over from mazdaBscene. I just sold my 91 B2200 Cabplus. The motor shot a rod through the block shortly after static dropping the thing and putting some smoothies on it. Shit happens.... I just bought a 1995 Rodeo. For now its going to be a daily grinder but in due time i'd love to drop the shit out of it and someday bagging it. Anyways. Good to be here
Anyone on here with a bagged Rodeo???
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brianbgboy   +1y
welcome to our isuzu heaven bro! later, brian
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